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Greetings gentlemen,



I'm happy to have you here, I know there's something that has captivated your attention! Let me introduce myself, my name is Bianca, an elite courtesan based in Toronto for several years now. I am originally from the beautiful province of Quebec, but to be more precise, I come from the great metropolis of Montreal. French is my first language, but I am perfectly bilingual. I speak English, French and the art of seduction.

To describe myself a little more physically, I would say that I am a captivating woman who is the type to attract people's attention when I walk into a room with my beautiful long blonde hair followed by my blue eyes that will hypnotize you from our first glance. I'm 5'2, 120 lbs, I have a well-sculpted body with an enhanced 34DDD cup. I am a lady who loves taking care of herself! By this, I mean that taking care of myself is part of my daily routine. I train regularly 4 to 5 days a week, and I sometimes like to add Pilate yoga to my physical activities. Being a fairly active woman, I practice outdoor activities such as hiking, jet skiing, doing skidoo as a winter sport and occasionally, I go for days on the water by boat in the summer to recharge my energy a little. I eat extremely well, so you wouldn't be surprised if I told you I'm an excellent cook. I love being in my kitchen to prepare my healthy meals for the week, or to cook you a delicious gourmet meal accompanied by a good bottle of my favourite Sauvignon Blanc. Likewise, I also enjoy pampering myself with bubble baths with candles or going to the spa with good company and getting a massage.

A lingerie aficionado with an unfailingly positive outlook on life, my charm and charisma have never let me down, and, in both my professional and personal capacities, I always feel at home under the gaze of intelligent well-mannered men.I've often said I view sex as a fun pursuit. And it is! With me, you are free to choose your own adventure. Let's re-write the script. It would be my pleasure to hear your thoughts before our date to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

Intellectually, I would say that I am very cultured for a lady who is only in her mid-twenties. Since I was young, anything that enriches me intellectually has fascinated me! I have been a young entrepreneur and investor for several years already. In real estate, I have quite an astonishing career in this field, having already been involved in several projects and I have also graduated from my real estate agent course. I am very commercial, with an entrepreneurial spirit. Truly interested in the global economy, investments in the stock market and also cryptocurrency. For me, nothing turns me on more than an intellectual conversation.

Since I started in the industry, I have travelled for work and I love that my work leads me to my other passion: Travel! Over the past few years, I have visited a total of 31 countries, and my travel plans don’t stop there. I have a long list of countries coming up to visit in my world exploration. My dream is to travel the world because I believe that life must be lived to the fullest and our world has too many beautiful things to show us for us to stay in one place. I love discovering new countries and new cultures, it makes me a fulfilled woman.

Having been in the industry for years, I have managed to build a good reputation, not only with my lovely gentlemen, but also with other courtesans in my circle. This allowed me to collaborate with several young ladies, and I am really happy that my work allows me to discover so many such extraordinary people! I am a creative and a passionate lady, which has also allowed me to have unusual innovative ideas in my work and I love it. I believe we are all unique, so when I have the privilege of creating one of my ideas and sharing them with you, nothing could make me happier!

I would like to tell you more about myself, but I will keep it until we meet. Presently, my interest is to know more about you! What do you like, or what is your favourite meal? How about a romantic date to discuss it at your favourite restaurant and dessert at my house perhaps? To conclude, if you are looking for a woman to have fun from the bedroom to your outings or even for a simple fiery getaway, you are in the right place. See you soon? On this positive note, I would like to inform you that I have decided to take an indefinite Hiatus from May 2024 to focus on my future projects. On the other hand, I will always be available on my online platforms and virtual meetings.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Hugs and kisses!



Upcoming TOUR

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Vancouver , BC

Summer 2024

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Montreal, QC

June-July 2024



November 2024

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London, UK

September 2024




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