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Don't forget to check out my interview with The Erotic World! 

Hello Darling,

You can call me Bianca.

I am an elite companion based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Originally from Montreal Quebec, I have traveled extensively and have chosen Toronto as my new home.


Fluent in both French, English and the art of seduction, allow me to bring your fantasies to life.

It's never easy to write about oneself. Let's just say that my charms are not literary, they're physical. When I enter a room, heads are turning for all the right reasons. I ooze sex, passion, and sin. My body is made for lust and sexual adventure and there's nothing I love more than being in control of your pleasure. I love what I do and I do it with exquisite class and style. 

I'm a gorgeous blonde, with mesmerizing blue eyes, luscious lips and a curvaceous hourglass figure. With an ass to die for and gorgeous man-made breasts, you can be sure that I will rock your world. I stand 5'2" but always dress to impress, which means my heels can never be too high.


I have a taste and an endless thirst for adventure. Ambitious and curious, it is important for me to constantly educate myself. It is said of me that I have the soul of a chameleon, adapting itself constantly to people and situations, a changing personality, a moral compass pointing from north to south,  a burning fire that can't be extinguished. Constantly seeking fulfillment.  Passionate in all aspects of life, always searching for the unknown. 

I'm a proud sinner.  Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven. 


I take delight in the arts, fashion, culture and the latest trends. 

I am  very business minded, with an entrepreneurial spirit. Highly interested in the global economy, investments, as well as  risk management. I am educated and have graduated from real estate college. It is  important for me to discover my partner beyond the quilt. It would be my pleasure to share these interests between passionate frolics. As well as learn more of your passions and interests.

Abandon yourself to my expert hands, I will bring you to the heights of ecstasy. Let me put on a show for you honey.

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